Germany to legalise cannabis, accelerate hemp growth

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Germany’s incoming government has committed to cannabis legalisation

Angela Merkel’s leadership of Germany came to an end in a metaphorical puff of smoke on 24 November 2021, when three parties, the SDP, the Greens, and the liberal FDP presented their coalition agreement. The incoming government commits to cannabis legalisation, in what is surely a gamechanger for the European Union and global momentum towards legalisation of cannabis and the complete decriminalisation of hemp.

A great big German surprise!

The speed with which Germany has accelerated cannabis legalisation surprised the world. Germany’s Cannabis Business Industry Association (BvCW) has cheered plans to establish a licensing program for cannabis dispensaries, but reminded the government that critical reforms are also needed to allow the industrial hemp sector to grow.

Among changes needed, industrial hemp should be removed from Germany’s narcotics laws and the THC limit for hemp should be raised to 1.0%.

Germany needs standardized federal regulations for CBD and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids, and those rules should put no limits on naturally occurring CBD, which should be available to customers over the counter. Enriched cannabinoid extracts should be under novel foods safety guidelines, BvCW has also proposed.

Meanwhile, a national non-profit association to support hemp growers has been formed in Germany. Nutzhanf-Netzwerk (Hemp Network) will promote hemp among German farmers and work to develop hemp infrastructure, including more local processing facilities.

Pardon me, good sir, but does your monkey know any Bob Marley?

A legalisation blueprint for the European Union

Germany can show true leadership for the EU by implementing a sensible, safe way to enable a legal cannabis market. We’ll be watching very closely, learning about the German approach and seeing how it can be rolled out across the European Union.

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