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We pledge to be as transparent as we possibly can about your data, your privacy, and our charges and commissions.

The Hempoffset platform charges a commission of 20% across platform service activities. Income is used to build, maintain and improve our software platform, and to help spread the word about how we will use hemp to stop climate change and build homes for people that need them.

We do not sell or re-use your data, except for the express purpose of your engagement with Hempoffset.

We do not carry ads for third parties and we do not participate in any tracking/surveillance capitalism.

We use software from a range of companies, including Google, HubSpot, Shopify. Realistically, we have no control over what they do with our data, but we never knowingly participate in trading your data.

Our sites are secured with SSL certificates, so you can shop with confidence. You can check the security status of this or any site by clicking on the little padlock icon to the left of your browser’s address field.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to transparency, or have any suggestions, please get in touch.

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Share now, for a better world
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