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Flight shame no more, hemp carbon offset is real

Air travel is responsible for 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with carbon dioxide (CO2) gas the main constituent. Aircraft emissions also have additional, negative effects because the waste gases are released directly into the upper atmosphere. Planes typically fly at 35,000 feet (over 6 miles/10 km up) and the type of aircraft, the kind of flight, and the load factor (how many passengers are on board compared to capacity) have a big impact on the emission profile. So, a full, long-haul flight has a reduced impact on the atmosphere per passenger, compared with a half-full, short-haul flight.

We all want to enjoy beautiful views like this again, but with an awareness of our impact on the climate crisis.

Enjoy truly carbon neutral flights with hemp carbon offsets

Many airlines now offer forestry carbon offsets to passengers, or fund offsets themselves. An issue with forestry is that it can take 30-40 years to show a net CO2 benefit. Do you really want to be offsetting the flight you took today in 2061? If not, try hemp for air travel carbon offset in near real-time.

How can I offset my air travel carbon footprint?

Just click here to browse our new air travel hemp carbon offset products. No more flight shame for you!

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Every share is a step closer to a better world

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