Every share is a step closer to a better world

So you’ve had enough of this existential climate crisis and you’re not going to take it anymore?

Good! Now try our carbon footprint calculator

First, let’s see how much CO2 emissions you generate. This is your carbon footprint.

How does this make you feel?

Most activities that generate CO2 in your country are beyond your control, but there are lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce your carbon footprint. When we each take responsibility for the CO2 that is emitted in our name, then we can stop climate change. This is a huge step. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

Now get your friends and family to join us too, because the more we are, the greater the benefit we can deliver to future generations. Together, we can actually stop climate change. You’ll be like that pebble dropped in a pond. Ripples. You know it.

Carbon neutral nirvana awaits…

That was easy! Now offset your carbon footprint

We connect you with licensed growers in Ireland and around the world, who plant hemp. When you part-fund their cost of growing the crop, we’ll give you a certificate of ownership of the carbon credit. Just one acre (0.4 ha) of hemp will absorb around 6 tons of CO2 in one season, offsetting more than the annual CO2 emissions for most people. To offset your carbon footprint, just add one ton to the basket and then increase the quantity. We will measure all our supported crops’ inputs and outputs and use the data to continuously improve our service to you, and share it for the benefit of all mankind.

Or choose our Ton a Month subscription and we’ll give you the offset value of a metric ton of CO2 every month. Easy!

Outstanding! A truly carbon neutral business

If you’re a business owner and want to have a carbon neutral operation, quickly and easily, learn more about our business offset service.


Together, we’ll plant enough hemp to go carbon neutral fast and stop climate change

Respect! Grow hemp with us

We want to grow a billion acres of hemp, all over the world. If you are already dedicated to growing hemp, or just want to try it as a rotation crop, get in touch. If you are new to hemp and want to learn how to grow it, get in touch. We need you. The planet needs you.

Industrious you! Make hemp products

When you need hemp crops for your products, we connect you with growers near you, in Ireland and around the world, who will meet your supply needs.

You can also sell your hemp and sustainable products in our store. Get in touch today…

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Shop with confidence in our secure sustainable lifestyle store, featuring lots of awesome hemp products from our growers, and makers around the world.

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Greentech can save us, if politicians and NGOs fail

We’ve started a movement that will easily enable the planting of enough hemp to stop climate change. Our target is to plant one billion acres a year, on this sustainable, Greentech value platform, Hempoffset. We know we need to build a carbon-neutral, and then a carbon-negative lifestyle worldwide, with equality, opportunity and respect for nature and each other at its heart. But we’re human, so we won’t do that until it’s too late. Hempoffset will buy us time, making it super-easy for anyone, or any business, to go carbon-neutral.

A billion acres of hemp

A billion acres (400 million hectares) of hemp is around 4% of habitable land and will remove up to 10 metric gigatons (a gigaton is 1 billion metric tons) of CO2 from the air each year, that’s about a quarter of our annual emissions.

Isn’t 4% a lot of land?

Not really, especially when you consider that 40% of the planet’s arable land is currently used for dairy and livestock. Most of the hemp fibre we grow will be used to make hempcrete, an incredible construction material, and we’ll build sustainable homes for everyone on Earth who needs or wants one. We’re using one problem to solve another. Hempoffset is a win-win. Join us on this legendary journey…

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Live in a hemp home

Register your interest in a sustainable, hempcrete home by Hempoffset. Whether you want to buy or rent, or are homeless, we want to help you. The first step is to connect with us so that we can measure demand and plan our strategy.

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The science of hemp and carbon offset

There is a growing awareness that Nature-based Solutions (= NbS = plants) hold the key to solving the climate crisis. Why risk tampering with the atmosphere (will we ever learn?) or waiting for some new technology to be invented, when plants and trees are already working hard (along with the ocean) to pull the planet back from the brink? Trees are a good strategy, so let’s plant billions of them, everywhere possible. But, trees can take 30 years to make a carbon impact and time is of the essence (Also: forest fires). That’s why hemp is the answer.

Hemp absorbs literally tons of CO2 when growing

Hemp is simply the most effective crop at removing CO2 from our air. One acre/0.4 ha of hemp can absorb up to 10 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, pumping out the same amount of oxygen, and in a single year! Hemp grows real fast, with two crops a year easily achievable in hot climates. Hemp is also a great rotation crop, requires no pesticides and needs only half the water of most other crops.

Every share is a step closer to a better world