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Every business should now offset its carbon footprint

Consumers demand it and regulations are finally getting tough. Also, genuine green credentials are required before bidding for most contracts. But there’s a lot of confusion around carbon offsets, carbon neutrality and carbon negativity, so we’re making it simple. The key to our approach is that hemp sequesters tons of carbon dioxide from the air in real-time. So your business can be carbon neutral as you operate, not in 30 or 40 years.

Carbon offsets for total business activity

If your business has a measurement of your carbon footprint, you can offset, in metric tons, against our hemp crops. You will own the only carbon credit for the crop and our cost/ton is the national rate.

Offset per product

We’ll work with you to integrate Hempoffset into your retail experience. Let your customers choose to offset the carbon footprint of their order.

Offset per project

You can also offset projects, from trade shows to international travel. Measure the carbon footprint and then offset the required number of acres. Easy!

Just add a ton to your basket and then increase the quantity. Easy!

By the way

Carbon zero is when we emit, or cause to be emitted, no additional carbon dioxide, CO2, into the atmosphere (besides from breathing!). AKA carbon neutrality and net-zero.

carbon zero economy is when sustainability is at the heart of everything: power, industry, agriculture, transportation, your daily life. Imagine a world where all cars are solar-powered, where factory farming doesn’t exist. A world where we all work and live and use power and travel smartly. That’s a carbon zero economy and that’s where we need to be, quickly.

Carbon negative is when we absorb more CO2 than we emit. We can remove large amounts of CO2 by planting industrial hemp and other plants and trees at scale.

Carbon positive is when we contribute to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 45% since the Industrial Revolution began in 1750.

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Every share is a step closer to a better world