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Hempoffset Core Values

  1. We believe in love. Loving each other, loving our world, living sustainably in a better, fairer world with equal opportunities for everybody. Make love, not war. That.
  2. We believe in connecting people across the hemp and carbon lifecycles. This will mean education, lobbying, advertising, and research.
  3. We believe that technology should serve people and nature. We are science-based and data-driven.
  4. We believe that hemp and cannabis should be legalised worldwide so that hemp’s potential can be fully realised. We’ll do all that we can to help win this!
  5. We believe that people should be treated with respect and fairness and that every human being must have a home, clean water, sanitation, health services, education, and career opportunities. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?
  6. We believe that everybody deserves a future to look forward to. See 5.
  7. We believe that nature is not just a resource to be exploited. Nature is us and we are nature. Deep, perhaps. But we need to think more deeply.
  8. We believe that the wealth of our planet’s resources should be managed carefully and shared fairly with all the people of Earth. Many mega-rich corporations, monarchs, despots and lunatics would disagree.
  9. We believe that the way we currently do things as a species is unsustainable and broken, needing almost total renewal. If it is broken fix it.
  10. We believe that it’s up to us to make the changes that we want to see in the world. So we will. And here you are, just in time.

Do you share our values?

Then join us. Share our story. Work with us. Together we can do this.

Hempoffset is registered in Ireland, a member of the European Union, serving the world

Registration number: 683989

Registered 27 May 2021

Registered by Gary Byrnes

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Share now, for a better world
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