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Discover how to build your hemp operations so you can access carbon credit revenues without any extra costs

You want to grow hemp on land you can use and/or make finished hemp products

We help you to fund and de-risk your hemp crop investment by selling its carbon offset value to businesses and consumers around the world that want to be carbon neutral. We’re developing a global production tracking system to ensure that crops are sold as offsets only once. Crops will be monitored and you will assist by maintaining a record of all inputs and outputs on our offset verification platform. This means that the CO2 is fully considered.

You can sign up for our carbon offset trading service if you are growing, or plan to grow, hemp and/or if you’re making finished products with hemp, and you are not trading your crop’s carbon credit value elsewhere. The hemp dry stalk fibre (shiv) is rich in carbon, absorbed from atmospheric CO2. We can connect you with buyers for your crop outputs, and we can connect hemp product makers with international markets.

Let’s grow hemp everywhere in the world

Our operations in the Republic of Ireland are validated and verified by the Irish Government’s Department of Agriculture. Wherever you are in the world, please register your intent to grow with us, as we continue to scale our operations globally.

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