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Surveys are a crucial tool for us to better understand the opinions and behaviours of you, our target audience. By gathering information through surveys, we gain valuable insights that help us improve our products or services, adjust our marketing strategies, and better meet the needs of our customers. But what many people don’t realise is that their participation in surveys is just as valuable. As a survey respondent, your thoughts and opinions provide valuable feedback that can drive meaningful change. Your participation in our surveys matters. Whether you’re a seasoned survey taker or new to the game, please understand just how important your voice is in shaping the world around you. Thank you.

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We have a selection of surveys, so please take as many as you can! It would also be much appreciated if you could share this page with your colleagues, friends and family. You can use the handy share buttons at the top and bottom.

Climate content

This survey is about learning where you like to learn more about climate and climate solutions.

Carbon neutral data centres

This survey is for anyone working in the data centre industry.

User experience on this website

We’d love your feedback on how you experienced this website!

Climate change

This survey is about your general feelings around climate change.

Cannabis legalisation in Ireland

If you live in Ireland (which is where Hempoffset is headquartered), we’d like to hear your views on the legalisation of cannabis.

Thanks so much, we really appreciate your time on this.

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Share now, for a better world

By Gary Byrnes

Founder and CEO at Hempoffset.com.

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