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Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) Policy for Tao Climate Limited


Hempoffset is a wholly-owned business of Tao Climate Limited, a company registered in Ireland.

Tao Climate is committed to promoting sustainable practices and combating climate change through our operations and business activities. This Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) Policy outlines our commitment to these values and sets out specific targets and objectives to help us achieve our goals.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  1. We will foster a culture of respect and inclusion by promoting EDI at all levels of the organization and encouraging diversity among our employees, suppliers and customers.
  2. We will implement EDI training for all employees and provide opportunities for professional development to help promote diversity in the workplace.
  3. We will regularly assess our progress on EDI and take action to address any areas for improvement.

Environmental Stewardship

  1. We will reduce our carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices in our operations, and by sourcing renewable energy wherever possible.
  2. We will regularly monitor and report on our carbon emissions and set targets for reduction over time.
  3. We will work with our suppliers and customers to promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain.

Social Responsibility

  1. We will promote fair labour practices and ensure the rights of all workers are protected throughout our supply chain.
  2. We will work to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and provide equal opportunities for all employees.
  3. We will engage with our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and the local community, to understand and address their ESG concerns.


  1. We will appoint a board-level ESG committee to oversee our ESG performance and ensure that ESG considerations are integrated into our business strategy.
  2. We will regularly assess our ESG performance and take action to address any areas for improvement.
  3. We will provide transparency in our ESG reporting and communicate our ESG performance and progress to stakeholders.


Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility is integral to our business strategy and this ESG Policy sets out specific goals and objectives to help us achieve our vision. We are committed to continuous improvement in this area and will regularly review and update our ESG Policy to reflect our progress.

Updated 10 June 2023.

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