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Just how much CO2 do you emit by living the dream?

So, what does all that mean?

Have you ever tried hemp milk like this fabulous woman? It’s delicious!

A litre of plant milk or water weighs about a kilo. Now imagine that weight multiplied by your daily and monthly and yearly numbers above. That’s what all your CO2 weighs. When you consider that CO2 is a gas…

But I don’t do metric!

A kilo is 2.2 pounds. So imagine two and bit pounds of butter for each kilo. Or imagine lard, if you’re a fan.

A metric ton is 1,000 kilos, so prepare to be blown away by how we stack up in a year:


Air travel CO2 emissions

Air travel’s CO2 emissions are getting a lot of attention. So, how much CO2 do you cause to be emitted when flying?

Enjoy truly carbon neutral flights with hemp carbon offsets

Many airlines now offer forestry carbon offsets to passengers, or fund offsets themselves. An issue with forestry is that it can take 30-40 years to show a net CO2 benefit. Do you really want to be offsetting the flight you took today in 2062? If not, try hemp for air travel carbon offset in near real-time.

How can I offset my air travel carbon footprint?

Just click here to browse our new air travel hemp carbon offset products. No more flight shame for you!

Our hemp growers

As of spring 2022, all our currently verified growers are in Ireland. As more countries and growers join our platform, you’ll see them here. Locations are approximate.

Get in touch if you’re planning to grow new hemp fields, anywhere in the world, and you want to unlock the crop’s carbon offset value.

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Know your footprint! Check this list of all countries with their average, annual CO2 emissions per person:

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Every share is a step closer to a better world