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5 tons of CO2 has your name on it every year

The elephant in the room is the difficulties we face in dealing with the carbon footprint that each of us is ‘responsible for’. The elephant in the air is the 5 tons of CO2 that’s emitted in our name every year. That’s the global average, with some countries emitting far more (think the rich west) and most countries emitting far less (think the global south, but excluding Australia). 5 tons is the same weight as a full-grown Asian elephant, which is nuts when you think about it!

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You can get this hemp carbon offset for yourself, or send it as a unique and thoughtful gift. If you want to send this product as a gift, just tell us who you’d like us to send it to in the Special instructions for seller box at checkout, after you click the ADD TO CART button. Tell us the lucky recipient’s full name and email address and any other details. We can send it by email on Christmas Day, 4/20, their birthday, or any other day, just let us know when you’d prefer. Thank you, and we hope your friend appreciates just how awesome you are.

After you click ADD TO CART, here’s where you can tell us about who you’d like to receive this carbon footprint offset as a gift!

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Share now, for a better world

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