Germany to legalise cannabis, accelerate hemp growth

Germany’s incoming government has committed to cannabis legalisation Angela Merkel’s leadership of Germany came to an end in a metaphorical puff of smoke on 24 November 2021, when three parties, the SDP, the Greens, and the liberal FDP presented their coalition agreement. The incoming government commits to cannabis legalisation, in what is surely a gamechanger… Continue reading Germany to legalise cannabis, accelerate hemp growth

Dimensions of value

We need to evolve our thinking around how we value people and planet We’ve been taught to value anything in terms of how much money can be made from it. Period. And this way of thinking still applies to people just as much as it applies to the natural resources of our planet. It typically… Continue reading Dimensions of value

Hempspiracy the movie

Check out the first cut of our movie, Hempspiracy Watch it now, and join us as we develop our idea into a feature film that will tell the whole world about the power of hemp to save humanity.