Our Manifesto

We don’t want anyone else to die because of climate change. We don’t want every coastal city in the world to be flooded. We want every human being to have a future to believe in and we’ll ensure this by delivering a great user experience to everyone on Earth. For all we know, Earth may… Continue reading Our Manifesto

These graphs don’t lie

Report: World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2022 ‘We are now at “code red” on planet Earth. Humanity is unequivocally facing a climate emergency. The scale of untold human suffering, already immense, is rapidly growing with the escalating number of climate-related disasters. Therefore, we urge scientists, citizens, and world leaders to read this Special… Continue reading These graphs don’t lie

Time’s running out, so let’s fiddle with the clocks!

Daylight savings is like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic Most people agree that changing the clocks twice a year is a royal pain in the ass. But the most important question is this: Does daylight savings actually save energy, thereby reducing the impact of climate change? Daylight savings costs energy Daylight savings was first introduced… Continue reading Time’s running out, so let’s fiddle with the clocks!

What would you like to learn more about?

Tell us what climate content you need We’re on a mission to educate and inform you about: The climate crisis and how we can make it stop; Sustainability; Carbon. So, we need to know what kind of content you like, what topics you’re interested in, and how you like to consume content. Please take our… Continue reading What would you like to learn more about?

Carbon credits, a quick and dirty guide

Forestry carbon credits The first generation of carbon credits was forestry. The problem with forests is that capitalism doesn’t put a value on a tree until it’s cut down, and you can’t really weigh the carbon a tree captures until it’s cut down. Also, as the world heats up, forest fires are becoming frighteningly commonplace.… Continue reading Carbon credits, a quick and dirty guide

Business carbon footprint calculator

Achieve sustainability goals with our business carbon footprint calculator We’ve made it easy to calculate your business’s total contribution to the climate crisis with our business carbon footprint calculator. Taking this first step is critical. You can easily gather the data required from your business utility and transportation bills. Only by understanding the scale of… Continue reading Business carbon footprint calculator

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