Sowing the Seeds of Love

How Hempoffset is Sowing the Seeds of Love to Cultivate a Sustainable and Fairer World At Hempoffset, we are driven by a deep-rooted belief in love, sustainability, and creating a better world for all. Our mission is to sow the seeds of love across the globe by incentivising hemp growers through Hemp Carbon Credit revenues.… Continue reading Sowing the Seeds of Love

Humans and hemp have a symbiotic relationship

A symbiotic relationship is a mutually beneficial interaction between two or more different species, where both species derive some form of benefit from the relationship. Hemp is a versatile and valuable plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years. Its relationship with humans has been symbiotic, as hemp has provided numerous benefits… Continue reading Humans and hemp have a symbiotic relationship

Hempoffset: We Monetise Carbon Sequestration Benefits for Hemp Growers and Makers

By working with Hempoffset, growers and makers can generate a new revenue stream while contributing to the fight against climate change The hemp industry is growing at a rapid pace, and with it comes a growing awareness of the environmental benefits of hemp cultivation. Hemp is a versatile plant that requires fewer pesticides and less… Continue reading Hempoffset: We Monetise Carbon Sequestration Benefits for Hemp Growers and Makers

The magical hemp carbon lifecycle

Hemp is the end-to-end solution Hemp is a versatile and sustainable crop that can play an important role in mitigating climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) through the process of photosynthesis. The carbon journey across the hemp lifecycle starts with the growth of the hemp plant and continues through the use of… Continue reading The magical hemp carbon lifecycle

Press Release: Hemp is the Key to a Global Utopia

Grow green to go green Irish greentech startup’s vision for the widespread use of hemp to transform society for the better, create a sustainable future for all Tao Climate, a disruptive technology company dedicated to combating climate change, is proud to announce a groundbreaking new initiative that has the potential to close the UN Emissions… Continue reading Press Release: Hemp is the Key to a Global Utopia

Hemp resource guide

How to grow industrial hemp A comprehensive resource guide for people who are interested in growing hemp, covering what kind of land, where to source seeds, special equipment, how to harvest, what end products can be sold, and the potential sale of carbon credits. Includes a list of links for further information. Why hemp? Why… Continue reading Hemp resource guide

UN Hemp Report Review

The UNCTAD Report: Commodities at a Glance – Special Issue on Industrial Hemp (11/’22) The United Nations has published a very significant and exciting new research study on industrial hemp. Compiled by a team of experts for UNCTAD, the UN Conference on Trade and Development, this timely research study should be warmly welcomed by industrial… Continue reading UN Hemp Report Review

Celebrate and support bees

Here’s how you can help the bees and all pollinators Einstein famously said that if the bees die out, we only have 4 years before humanity becomes extinct. Without bees and our other pollinators, crops will die. No more fruit, vegetables, grains, or feed for animals. Desolation. Industrial hemp greatly benefits bees in many ways,… Continue reading Celebrate and support bees

Free industrial hemp from drugs legislation #420 @DonnellyStephen

Ireland’s Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 controls the use of industrial hemp in Ireland, and is for the benefit of the Minister for Health. We call on Stephen Donnelly, TD, Minister for Health in Ireland, to update the Misuse of Drugs Act so that industrial hemp does not fall within its scope. In aligning our… Continue reading Free industrial hemp from drugs legislation #420 @DonnellyStephen

Irish Hemp Conference Report

Teagasc’s Ashtown Food Research Centre in D15 was the splendid location for the annual gathering of the Irish hemp industry’s leading lights, and some up-and-coming hemp stars. Across a very busy Friday, 8 April 2022, we can confirm that, yes, the Irish hemp industry does have a pulse! Just about! Among our highlights from the… Continue reading Irish Hemp Conference Report

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