Our Manifesto

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We don’t want anyone else to die because of climate change.

We don’t want every coastal city in the world to be flooded.

We want every human being to have a future to believe in and we’ll ensure this by delivering a great user experience to everyone on Earth.

For all we know, Earth may be the only place in the Universe with life. Protecting life on Earth is an enormous responsibility.

We move fast.

The sun is the source of all life, so we’re rebalancing our relationship with it.

We want everyone on Earth to have a home.

We want to make a carbon neutral future without fossil fuels.

Failure is not an option.

Ecological breakdown is not an option.

Extinction of the human race is not an option.

Question everything. Challenge everything. Groupthink is forbidden.

Trust in people. Love nature. Believe in better.

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Founder and CEO at Hempoffset.com.

Share now, for a better world

By Gary Byrnes

Founder and CEO at Hempoffset.com.

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