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Just 287 projects have qualified for milestone awards and Hempoffset is one of them

From a total of 1,133 registered team entries in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal contest, 287 have qualified for the milestone awards, which were announced on Earth Day, 22 April 2022. We’re delighted to share that Hempoffset is one of 2 qualified projects in Ireland, one of 8 hemp projects globally, and the only hemp project from Ireland.

We’re in it to win it!

Explore XPRIZE Carbon Removal projects

A map-based interface makes it easy to explore and learn about the qualifying projects. There are so many amazing projects in the contest, which is the biggest and most valuable competition in human history, funded by Elon Musk with $100 million of his own money.

Hempoffset’s XPRIZE Carbon Removal project

We’ve created an end-to-end offering that starts by enabling the growing of hemp at scale on our software platform. When the hemp crop is grown, after just 5 months, tons of carbon are locked in the plant’s dry stalk fibre. So we buy the carbon from the farmer, add water and lime to make hempcrete, then build houses, locking away the carbon for hundreds of years. We’ve designed a scalable infrastructure model that will make it easy for new hemp farmers all over the world to grow industrial hemp: the wonder crop that can stop climate change, while enabling jobs and opportunities. Among the many co-benefits our project offers are more pollen for bees, less use of pesticide and water, and hemp fibre and seed supply enabling multiple zero-carbon, sustainable industries.

From plant to house, we use one problem to solve another!

1,000 tonnes of carbon captured and locked away

Our XPRIZE Carbon Removal milestone submission required a plan to capture and sequester 1,000 tons of CO2, then sequester the carbon for 100 years. Our model also needs to be easily scalable to megaton (1 million tons) and gigaton (1 billion tons) volumes. We’ve got this! Now, teams need to achieve the 1,000-ton goal, and prove scalability. Overall winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2025.

How you can get involved

You can start a team or join a team. New teams can still join and compete for the grand prize, so what are you waiting for? If this sounds like a lot of hard work (it is!), you can just support a team with a great chance of success – Hempoffset!

So here are 5 ways you can help today:

  1. Share this post across all your preferred channels, just use the sharing buttons at the top.
  2. Subscribe to our Hempoffset Mindset email newsletter and we’ll keep you updated on our XPRIZE journey.
  3. Offset your carbon footprint, tell your boss about our business offset service, and how we make it easy for businesses to go carbon neutral. If you are the boss, call us.
  4. Tell someone about industrial hemp and how it can stop climate change. Learn more about the topic.
  5. Believe in a better future. Don’t feel that climate change is an insurmountable problem. There are thousands of smart people working flat out to make it go away. So, rejoice! Together, we’ll do this. Share the good news!

Congrats and best of luck to all the other teams in XPRIZE Carbon Removal. Together, we can and will stop climate change. Let’s all meet up for a beer when we do!

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By Gary Byrnes

Founder and CEO at Hempoffset.com.

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