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Time’s running out, we need decisive action to stop climate change

Earth Day is every day. Take this opportunity to catch your breath for a moment. Appreciate this planet of ours, as we speed through space at a whopping 390 kilometers a second. The soil enables plants and photosynthesis, giving food and oxygen. The air is filled with water and oxygen and carbon and these are the elements that drive everything. The problem is, we’re adding too much carbon into the mix, mainly as carbon dioxide, CO2, from burning fossil fuels. So think about this today. Enjoy nature, if you can, and realise that nature needs you if it’s to survive. And what you do now could be the difference that saves the planet. Every individual has this superpower. So, remember Earth Day as the day you felt your superpower. When you decided that every day is Earth Day. When you chose a better world.

There is a solution to climate change

If we grow enough industrial hemp, we can dramatically reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Hemp’s photosynthesis converts CO2 into oxygen and also carbon fibre, trapped in the plant. A lot of hemp photosynthesis turns CO2 into construction material at scale. Technology and transportation businesses can now operate carbon neutral, real time.

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