What is carbon neutral?


We make it easy for you to understand carbon neutral, and how to get there

Carbon neutral is when we emit, or cause to be emitted, no additional carbon dioxide, CO2, into the atmosphere (besides from breathing!). Also known as carbon zero and net zero.

carbon zero economy is when sustainability is at the heart of everything: power, industry, agriculture, transportation, your daily life. Imagine a world where all cars and homes are solar-powered, where coal power stations and factory farming don’t exist, where all aircraft use sustainable fuels or batteries. A world where we all work and live and use power and travel smartly. That’s a carbon zero economy and that’s where we need to get to, quickly.

If we take decisive action fast, there’s a chance we can stop climate change before it gets out of control.

Carbon negative is when we absorb more CO2 than we emit. We can remove large amounts of CO2 by planting industrial hemp and other plants and trees at scale. This is known as carbon offset – we offset the quantity of CO2 we ‘produce’ by removing carbon dioxide from the air in other ways, such as by planting hemp and scaling photosynthesis.

Carbon positive is when we contribute to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Your carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 you cause to be emitted in a year. This is mostly beyond your control, as it is a product of your country’s policies in areas such as energy and transport.

Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 45% since the Industrial Revolution began in 1750.

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