Hempoffset Carbon Credit Registry

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The Hempoffset Carbon Credit Registry is a transparent, end-to-end validation, verification and certification platform that you can trust.

Offset credit owner: Hempoffset Limited

Offset credit owner location: Dublin, Ireland

Offset credit owner contact channel: Email hello@hempoffset.com

Date of offset credit purchase: 16 September 2022

Purpose of offset credit: To offset the company’s carbon footprint from its website and digital activities, travel, and retail product transportation and delivery, 2022/2023.

Crop grower location
Crop as of 15 September 2022
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Carbon Credit Number 1 – 1mtCO2/equiv
VariablesDataValueData SourceNotes
NameEd Hanbidge
Company nameKeadeen Mountain Farm
Contact channels
LicenseYesAttach license to grow, if required locallyView license
Land coordinatesW9F4+8G Redwells, County Wicklow
Land areaHectares10Attach photos of land and cropView
Hemp varietyFutura 75
Hemp being grown forCBD oil; Hemp seed oil
Crop available for sale whenOct. 22
Date of planting04 April 22
Date of harvesting
Independent verificationDept of AgricultureView VVC
Fuel type used for agricultural machineryDieselDiesel, petrol, electric
Fuel quantity used during crop cycleLitres
Fuel type used for crop transportationDiesel, petrol, electric
Fuel quantity used during crop transportationLitres
Electricity used during crop cycleKWhNational grid, generator, renewable
Additional CO2 emissionsProvide detail
Company name
Contact channels
LicenseAttach relevant business license
Dry stalk fibreMetric tonnes15
Carbon content47%Chemical analysisView report
Total carbon creditsMetric tonnes26
End product typeHempcrete blocksHempcrete, hempcrete blocks, fibre panels, fibre insulation
End product weightMetric tonnes
Fuel type used for machineryDiesel, petrol, electric
Fuel quantity used during productionLitres
Electricity used during productionKWhNational grid, generator, renewable
End use of products
Fuel type used for product deliveryDiesel, petrol, electric
Fuel quantity used during product deliveryLitres
Additional CO2 emissionsProvide detail
More data will be added to this live, secure registry entry in real-time

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