This is the investment opportunity of the century


Your chance to get rich and save the world in the process!

Hempoffset is now live, but this is just the beginning. This site is our MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) and we’re going to build on it with defensible blockchain transparency and nextgen UX (User Experience) to make the web experience that will scale hemp growing worldwide. There is a trillion-dollar market opportunity to help the entire world go carbon neutral. Yes, that was a tr, as opposed to a b, and forget about a paltry m.

Get in touch now for pre-seed

We’re using our pre-seed funding to take it to the next level. Pre-seed investors get to join at ground level, be there for the whole, fun ride, and get maximum equity per buck. And we do promise fun, while doing a lot of very serious and important things.

Call founder Gary today on +353 87 249 3051 or email or use our contact form if you’d like to behold the most awesome investor deck ever created. Just be quick as we’ll be closing out this investor round in October 2021, if not before.

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